• Dedicated cargo aircraft

  • Scheduled and On-Demand

  • All weather capability

  • Around the clock availability

  • HazMat will carry

  • Time saving =  Cost savings


We are a premiere charter service operating out of Mt. Pleasant and Ottumwa, Iowa; Kirksville and St. Louis, Missouri. We offer 24 hour service for passengers and cargo. Why wait in line and arrive 2 hours before your scheduled departure? Book with us and enjoy fast, friendly, reliable service in comfort!


Have an out of town meeting but your child plays in the regional finals that night? No problem! Leave in the morning and be back in time for the game. We've got you covered.


Want to see your favorite sports team game but have a busy day at work tomorrow? We can take you to the game and bring you home afterwards. You will get a good night's rest in your own bed and be ready to tackle work in the morning!


Is your manufacturing line down, costing you $2000+ per hour and the part is a day away. We can get it in hours. Anytime, night or day, we're just a call away. 


Nothing is off limits! A romantic dinner and a concert? A girls trip for shopping? Visit your child at college? We're going where you want to be. Just give us a call.



  • Serving 11,000 more airports than commercial airlines

  • Usually just a few minutes from your final destination

  • You choose your own schedule

  • All pilots are Federal Aviation Administration Commercially Certified

  • Secure, Private, Safe

  • Around the clock availability

  • Time saving = Cost savings

  • Flight Ambulance Hookups